Thursday, January 16, 2014

As promised here are the photos of the two commissions I completed before Christmas.  They were done for the entrance hall of CKR Electrical and I am pleased to say, delivered to a happy client. This was a great undertaking for me as I did these two large pieces simultaneously. It was important to the client that the colours blend and be in harmony with each other without being the same.  The colours certainly complemented each other and I think they look great in the front entrance to these premises. Thank you CKR Electrical for this great opportunity!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Silly Season of December is upon us. I find myself torn in many pieces, trying to work, finish off with kids at schools and fulfill all the commitments, being work and social that one seems to have this time of the year. We all just need to remember the true blessing and meaning of Christmas. We need to love and find time for one another and not get caught up in this whole retail experience that Christmas and December seem to bring. Our new website is up, for those who haven't seen go have a look: Marietjie thank you so much for creating this beautiful site. I know you spend many hours and quite a few sleepless nights. You have such talent, WOW!!!!

We also paid a visit to the Retirement Village in Bellville, Huis Boland, where we were invited to their annual Christmas function. We were asked to adorn their front entrance with some of our paintings just to add colour to their home and that we sure did. They truly enjoyed the pop of colour and lead to some interesting conversation, quite a few artist among them. Photo's will follow soon. Life is so fleeting, and we really need to enjoy each other. Looking at these elderly people, realizing how many people they have already lost, how they all live together in unison. Reminded me a bit of being back at boarding school, forming friendships with others, such joy in the simple things.

I am busy with two large commissions, I am hoping to wrap up very soon and will post some photo's. We are so very excited for what 2014 holds and I know that it is going to be a great success. Our forthcoming newsletter will tell all.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Vibrant Art: And the craziness of the exhibition is over and we...

Vibrant Art: And the craziness of the exhibition is over and we...: And the craziness of the exhibition is over and we have to start planning for the year ahead. I was very fortunate to sell two more paintin...
And the craziness of the exhibition is over and we have to start planning for the year ahead. I was very fortunate to sell two more paintings after the exhibition to bring up the total to 12 pieces. I am so thankful and loving every minute of this journey. We have received our calenders from the printers and will be delivering this next week to all those who placed orders. Painted Canvas is taking off in a big way and its so exciting to be part of it.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

What a successful day was had! We had a beautiful wind free day in Cape Town, truly a blessing from above, as the South Easter was very busy the next day. We sold a total of 23 paintings and I think we should be very proud. We were very happy with the turn out and had approximately a 100 feet through the course of the day. Thank you to each and every one that attented.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is not much time left before our exhibition. I trust that we will have a good turnout and nice weather. The sun just adds such a nice positive spin on all things. We are going to have quite a variety this year, loads of vibrant colour. I must say, I am really feeling more nervous this time, the first time you decide to do something you have no idea what's coming, well the second time you are just more nervous and you know that you have created a certain expectation. I must say painting today, just made me excited all over again.I would never have imagined this would be something that I would do. I paint what I love, what I would hang on my walls. I want my paintings to lift a mood, to make you happy and take you back to that place where you forget all your troubles. Maybe to me, it was my childhood, maybe that's why I love this naïve style. It just speaks to me. We are going to have a wonderful day. I hope that I will see many familiar faces, just pop in and come have a refreshing drink and enjoy our world of colour! Marietjie and I would also expand our Painted Canvas idea, maybe certain upmarket markets. We are even thinking of expanding our business to décor. We would be willing to come into your home, help with a feature wall or two, a splash of paint can do wonders to a wall!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Kalk Bay

SimonetteSeptember 6, 2013 at 7:14 AM Marietjie and I took a drive out to Kalk Bay to find some inspiration and look at the local galleries. We saw some very interesting work. Some more so than others. It made me think about the concept of art and galleries. What makes art appreciated by one and not the other? When does art become a commodity and when is it a beautiful piece to enjoy? I will continue having fun, putting colour and joy on the canvas and hope that this will somehow be recognised. Have a wonderful warm weekend. It seems the Cape Town sun is out to be enjoyed! ReplyDelete