Wednesday, September 25, 2013

There is not much time left before our exhibition. I trust that we will have a good turnout and nice weather. The sun just adds such a nice positive spin on all things. We are going to have quite a variety this year, loads of vibrant colour. I must say, I am really feeling more nervous this time, the first time you decide to do something you have no idea what's coming, well the second time you are just more nervous and you know that you have created a certain expectation. I must say painting today, just made me excited all over again.I would never have imagined this would be something that I would do. I paint what I love, what I would hang on my walls. I want my paintings to lift a mood, to make you happy and take you back to that place where you forget all your troubles. Maybe to me, it was my childhood, maybe that's why I love this naïve style. It just speaks to me. We are going to have a wonderful day. I hope that I will see many familiar faces, just pop in and come have a refreshing drink and enjoy our world of colour! Marietjie and I would also expand our Painted Canvas idea, maybe certain upmarket markets. We are even thinking of expanding our business to décor. We would be willing to come into your home, help with a feature wall or two, a splash of paint can do wonders to a wall!

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